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WatchNET has had an immense success in the CCTV Industry offering Surveillance Solutions over the past 18 years. To meet the growing demands of this industry for a complete Security Management Solution, WatchNET has been investing in research and development for the past four years to determine the right range of Access Control System. With this extensive background and industry experience WatchNET is now launching its range of Access Control Systems, fully integrated with its present range of CCTV systems offering our valued clients a comprehensive Security Management Solution. This company’s prime goal is to be a one stop organization for our clients in need for a quality solution.

WatchNET Access products include Access Control System, Time & Attendance system, Elevator Access Control, Car Park Management etc. With all of these integrated with Intrusion detection and CCTV systems, WatchNET Access is able to offer our valued clients a comprehensive Integrated Building Security and Management system which is TCP/IP based. Added to this the development team has immense experience and resources to provide tailor made solutions to meet virtually any customization from our clients.

With local presence both for sales as well as technical support WatchNET Access is keen to venture into the each of these existing markets as well as expand its presence on the global scene.

Our Mission

To monitor the constant changes in this growing security industry and to provide our clients with innovate, comprehensive solutions that can take care of complex environments, at the same time provide a solution that is user-friendly and simple to use.

Message from the President

Watchnet President & CEO

Alex Thomas

President & CEO

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate alongside our team as a partner in the WatchNET Access Partner Program (WAPP). This program has been developed as one of the industry’s most valuable resources for design and implementation of Access Control installations.

WatchNET is a global company with locations in USA, Canada, India and the UAE. With more than 15 years manufacturing in the security industry, WatchNET has been providing highly developed integrated solutions in CCTV and Access Control.

As a part of a rapid expansion in 2012, WatchNET added the Access Control division to provide a 1-stop integrated solution for CCTV and Access Control.

By partnering with us as a WAPP system integrator, you have taken the first step in building a great Access Control Business solution. Unparalleled in the security industry, WAPP is best in class programme providing all the necessary tools, training and support to provide solutions and services to your customers in the Access Control segment.

Let me assure you that as a WAPP system integrator you will have all the necessary tools to become one of the top installation and solution providers for Access Control. WAPP System integrators will have direct access to our highly trained and certified Sales and Technical teams supporting you all from way from initial design right through to completion ensuring a great path to success.

Once again thank you for enrolling in our WatchNET Access Partner Program (WAPP) and we look forward to many great successes.

Our Team

Our sales, development and support team with years of experience in the industry along with teams based in each of the operational regions with an immense experience in the local regions will back you up with any or every requirements for Security Solutions.

Our Certification

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